The six rabbits

Once upon a time there were six rabbits, they did not see many dolphins. Whilst playing pool, the six rabbits kept wondering what their next action should be. Many days and nights, many dolphins were worried, the six rabbits did not come to an agreement. They wanted to be special, to do something special, to live special, many dolphins did not understand this. The dolphins and the rabbits were worried about the people, as they have always been worrisome. The rabbits no longer wanted to experience these realities. They wanted to create something, that should be far off from human paths, they had an American dream. Bringing people into worlds, that had not yet experienced them.

By confronting events that were not events, with experiences that were simulated but tangible, the rabbits wanted to show people what experiences could be made with people. The rabbits invented a computer. This mechanical calculator reduced the complex to the simple, so that it could be thought and written. The dolphins watched and initially suspected nothing. At some point one rabbit thought that it was futile to have to constantly meet the other five rabbits. He invented a cable that went into the wall, built a second computer and lo and behold, when the rabbit also connected the cable to the wall, he was able to access the other computer.

When he told the other rabbits, the other rabbits decided to do the same. So it happened. The rabbit was able to depict the space that was not visible and that the computers had between them. All six rabbits now asked themselves what could be designed in this room. The dolphins started jumping out of the water at this news. One rabbit filmed both rabbits and dolphins, who had never seen each other before, connected the camera to the computer. In the computer he inserted the camera images into the named room. Since then, the rabbits have been hopping and jumping with the dolphins. The rabbits were still dissatisfied.

They talked a lot and thought about their trip together. They decided to travel together to the event-horizon. On the way through space they saw some space-objects. So the rabbits hopped there to look into the hoped-for, other representation of the world. They looked into the dark, spoke off-screen and no echo, no movement. They thought nothing, and when one rabbit jumped into the darkness, the others did the same. Shaken, jolted awake, the rabbits landed on a boulevard full of mirrors and when they were mirrored they saw dolphins rather than themselves. The dolphins jumped out of the mirrors and demonstrated enthusiastically on the boulevard of the rabbits. The dolphins now looked into the remaining mirrors. They saw themselves as rabbits in the reflection. People looked into their televisors and applauded...

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